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Agriculture vegan

Ecological and ethical agriculture

EVE carries out the control and labelling of agricultural products according to the BIOCYCLIC VEGAN STANDARD (standard IFOAM International).

The vegan biocyclic farming is based on the same principles as organic agriculture, biodynamics or permaculture. However, what differentiates it from these growing methods is that it excludes products of animal origin and uses instead natural plant alternatives (extra mature humus soil). Among other things, a culture without phytosanitary products of animal origin, without livestock, without fertilizers from animal manure, without the remains of slaughterhouses (horns, blood, feathers, bones...) This agriculture relies on the permanent enrichment of the soil through the maintenance of its organic matter (humus, mulching, plant cover).

Any company can ask Expertise Végane Europe to have its farm appraised in order to check compatibility with the agricultural label and if necessary obtain the right to use the label if the conditions are met.

Biocyclic Vegan Standard


The standard sets out the necessary guarantees to obtain a certificate of conformity and an operating licence.

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