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EVE allows service companies, whose offer is exclusively vegan, to obtain official approval. Accreditation proves that the services offered comply with the vegan approach. It is an excellent opportunity to ensure the criteria and good practices that allow services to be as close as possible to the requirements of certification, while preserving the flexibility necessary for their sector of activity.

Service vegan

Your benefits

The label is an effective tool to promote services and products that do not involve animal exploitation to ethical consumers whose number is constantly increasing. Displayed on your window or your website, it allows you to emphasize your professionalism, your reliability and your commitment to your customers.

Service vegan

Approval procedure

The approval procedure is subject to a prior assessment by your department. EVE then issues a certificate of approval that you can display in your establishment. You then have the authorization to exploit the label under the subscribed conditions. The price is variable according to the activity, a personalized estimation is carried out according to the conditions in presence.



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