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Expertise Végane Europe, also known under the acronym of EVE VEGAN (registred trademark), is a French organisation for the control and certification of vegan products. This body also aims to develop the network of biocyclic vegan farming in France, along with knowledge of the methods used, and defines itself as a vegan compliance specialist vis-à-vis the different target groups.


Obtaining vegan compliance status for your products and services.

EVE VEGAN certification is a service applicable to any type of activity (food, cosmetics, clothing, dietary supplements, etc.) and allows companies to showcase their products and services by using its label (opposite) permitting vegan products to be identified. This label is, above all, a marker of confidence that attests to the control of the product or service by an independent body specialised in vegan compliance.

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EVE VEGAN compliance gives your users the guarantee that your products or services respect the essential principles of veganism and that your company has been inspected to that end. It is a choice that strengthens consumer confidence in this new economic trend.

Innovative commitment

Designing and developing vegan products, especially categories of products that did not exist previously in vegan versions, also means embarking on the path of innovation and promoting a mode of consumption that is respectful of both animals and the environment.


Choosing EVE VEGAN means choosing to call on specialists who are committed to defining vegan quality and ensuring consumer protection, fair competition and protection of the terms used to identify vegan products.

They obtained the EVE VEGAN certification


Organic Iced Tea (10 products).


French bakery and viennoiserie (2 products).

Chateau Pré La Lande

Organic french Bordeaux wine.

Corinne Depeyre - FRANCE

Organic french Côtes du Rhône wine (3 products).


Backpacks inspired from street culture (5 products).


Natural and organic tattoo wax care (1 product).

Biscottes Roger

Organic toasts and biscottes (2 products).


Vegan organic houmous and crumbles (8 products).



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