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For all your products and services

The EVE VEGAN logo identifies vegan products and is an effective tool to promote and identify animal-friendly products. This label is above all a transparency marker that attests the control of the product or service by an independent third party.

Your advantages

The EVE VEGAN brand provides a real opportunity to promote your company to ethical consumers, whose number is constantly growing.



Highlighting our label on your packaging and other media reinforces the promotion of your products at national, and even international level.


The guarantees offered by the label make it easier for you to access specialised stores and retailers that require certified products.


The label is easily spotted by consumers seeking certified vegan products.

Internet presence

You benefit from free indexing on our Internet SEO platforms and partners.


Information pack

Any company can ask Expertise Végane Europe to have its products or services appraised in order to check their compatibility with the label and if necessary obtain the right to use the label if the conditions are met.

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Commitment to controversial substances

Our approach goes further than the usual labels because we want to promote vegan products that also respect the environment and human health.

To satisfy this requirement, products are examined according to pre-established EVE criteria (CMR list). They are free of phthalates, nanoparticles, parabens, bisphenol and other substances classified as harmful by the scientific community.


Exigence and independence

We intervene everywhere in the world to ensure audits and unannounced controls in all sectors of industry. Our organization is compliant with ISO 17065 which includes requirements for the competence, consistency of activities and impartiality of product, process and service certification bodies.

Our will is to embody a reliable and independent service to ensure consumer protection.



If you want to be awarded EVE VEGAN certification, request your quote online.