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Expertise Végane Europe, under the acronym EVE, is the french private organization specialized in the control and certification of vegan products, "végane" according to French adaptation. It is also dedicated to the certification of products derived from vegan organic agriculture and public information on vegan compliance.

Get vegan conformity for products and services.

The EVE expertise is a service applicable to every type of activity and allows the companies to value their products or their services by using her logo serving to identify vegan products. The logo EVE VEGAN guarantees a vegan quality verified with the consumers and give evidence of the respect of the conformity defined by its reference table of conformity.

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The conformity EVE VEGAN allows to guarantee to your users that your products respect well the essential principles of the veganism, that you were checked for it. It is to choose to favor the confidence to this new economic current.


To make and to sell vegan products it is today to innovate and to support the necessity of developing a mode of consumption respectful of the animals just as much as an environment-friendly mode of consumption.


To choose EVE VEGAN office it is to choose to appeal to specialists who are eager to defend the protection of the consumers, a loyal competition as well as the protection of the terms serving to identify vegan products in Europe.

They obtained the EVE VEGAN label ...

Cosmétiques THALA - BELGIQUE

Natural cosmetics made in belgium.

Domaine des Treilles - FRANCE

Organic french wine and olive oil.


Creator of French backpacks inspired from street culture.


Sauces and craft marinades.

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